About Us

In August 2016 I found myself employed once a month at the Nanango Markets with Elwin and Sandra Cook of Green Valley Spices Wide Bay. After several months of being cheeky and telling them they needed extra staff members, I was employed once a month. Straight away I found my passion in selling quality fresh herbs and spices, Olives, Himalayan salt products and aromatic teas......I was in heaven with my favorite products!

I always looked forward to the beginning of the month to work at the Nanango Markets, my once a month job lol. Elwin, Sandra and I always found ourselves extremely busy yet fulfilled with happy satisfied customers.

To my disappointment in April 2018 Elwin and Sandra announced their retirement from this Market business and with mixed emotions feeling unloved, unwanted and unsure of my future employment status(Remembering I only worked once a month haha) they soon changed my life with the offer of purchasing their market business, now called Olive Branch Spice Traders. At the end of the day it was a no brainer, lose my job or EMPLOY MYSELF!

We are continually searching to include lines that we think will be an added benefit to our customers. We have recently added an Organic Pharmaceutical Bicarb Soda and Ph Strips at a reasonable price. We feel that a large percentage of our customers are striving to improve their lifestyle and health and together with our large range of pure herbs and spices these extra products were a natural add on. So here we are my supportive family, husband David, Children William and Yolanda, continuing the legacy that Elwin and Sandra started over seven years ago. We endeavour to provide a quality product and service at markets and online continuing the fabulous products that our customers have come to enjoy and love.